Muscle Tan

Competition Grade Muscle Tan

Luxe Tan Studio is experienced with:

  • ANB Australia, ANB Asia Pacific, Australian INBA events
  • Men's Health magazine and Oxygen Magazine photo shoots
  • 1st and 2nd place bikini models, fitness models and Mr Junior Australia
  • Dozens of competitors including fitness models, athletes and body builders in Sydney

Competition tanning is available at our home studio in Edensor Park ($90).

We recommend 3 to 4 heavy coats the day before your event. Muscle tan is not your usual spray tan product – it is “stage ready” in 25 minutes and is designed to replace dream tan which is banned in some venues due to mess. Muscle Tan will highlight your physique, enhancing muscle definition and body contours.

Other tanning products suggest that you start tanning 3-4 days before your event, taking valuable time away from your training. Muscle tan is a stage ready product which only takes 25 minutes to apply.